Fluid Mechanics

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Powers of Ten – Units – Dimensions – Measurements – Uncertainties – Dimensional Analysis – Scaling Arguments

Prof. W. Lewin

Vectors – Dot Products – Cross Products – 3D Kinematics

Prof. W. Lewin

Fluid Statics

Hydrostatics – Archimedes’ Principle – Fluid Dynamics

Prof. W. Lewin

Pascal’s Principle – Hydrostatics – Atmospheric Pressure – Over Pressure in Lungs and Tires

Prof. W. Lewin

Surface Tension

Prof. Lloyd Trefethen

Rheological Behavior of Fluids

Prof. Hershel Markovitz


P. Eisenberg

Kinetic Gas Theory – Ideal Gas Law – Isothermal Atmosphere – Phase Diagrams – Phase Transitions

Prof. W. Lewin

Eulerian and Lagrangian Descriptions in Fluid Mechanics

Prof. John L. Lumley

Flow Visualization

Stephen J. Kline

Reynolds number

Characteristics of laminar and turbulent flow

Pressure fields and acceleration

Prof. Ascher H. Shapiro

Fundamental principles of flow

Fluid Dynamics and Statics and Bernoulli’s Equation

Prof. R. Shankar

Non-Conservative Forces – Resistive Forces – Air Drag – Terminal Velocity

Prof. W. Lewin


Prof. Ascher H. Shapiro

Rotating flows

Prof. Dave Fultz

Secondary flow


Prof. R. Stewart

Flow instabilities

Prof. E.M. Christensen

Boundary layers

Prof. F. Abernathy

Fluid Dynamics of Drag

Prof. Ascher H. Shapiro

Low Reynolds number flow

Sir Geoffrey Ingram Taylor

Form, Lift, Drag and Propulsion

Forces acting on an airfoil

Waves in fluids

Prof. A.E. Bryson

Channel flow of a compressible fluid

Prof. D. Coles

Aerodynamic generation of sound

Prof. J. Lighthill and Prof. J. Ffowcs Williams

 Rarefied gas dynamics


Prof. A. Shercliff