LibreOffice 3.3: First Impressions | Linux Magazine

Oracle has proven over and over and over that if what they “have” cannot be sold for profit, then it’s dead. Thus Oracle has been divesting themselves of a ton of open source software by either getting out completely, or by pulling the plug on resources used by the open source project. The ONLY reason that OpenOffice is still around is because of StarOffice (the commercially sold variant that Oracle has). And with that said, there are other “open source” projects that Oracle is sponsoring (which do NOT make profit) and we MUST wonder when they too will get killed (and Oracle doesn’t exactly give warning). Things like ocfs2 and btrfs come to mind.

Sure, the GPL is the IP protector in these cases, just realize that so far, it seems very likely that Oracle will make any GPL project that it is a part of…. go through some pain….

And… with that said, most big software companies are haters of the GPL and open source (truth be told). And that includes many of the companies that a lot of FOSS users think are their friends. Beware.


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